How do vegans get calcium and protein?

Calcium and protein for vegans

I am pretty sure that every day you are bombarded by commercials about healthy life, healthy products that can change your life. How they can help you with some medical problems and resolve that problem. But the reality is not what we watch on TV right? Recently I watch a commercial about a milk product. That can give you more calcium and protein and is ten times better than the other milk products. And I decide to write something about this and answer some questions about. How we vegans get our calcium and protein with our way of life.
Ok, Let’s start with the calcium.

How to get calcium without milk products.

Well, this is a question that I run into it a lot. Is it possible to get our calcium if we don’t drink milk and eat animal products? Well, the answer is YES it’s possible, there are a lot of other products that are full of calcium and we can satisfy our daily needs, without this way of doing it.

Is also true that the percentage of calcium is a lot smaller than the products from animals. But it doesn’t mean that we Vegan can’t get our calcium from our products, right? What is more, interesting is that some studies show that our body can absorb more percentage of calcium from a plant-based diet. Like broccoli or spinach, that from animal products like milk, yogurt, or meat.
These are some of the ingredients that can give you the daily calcium needs.

Blackstrap molasses

This amazing sticky substance can give you that daily need of calcium that your body wants. One tablespoon of this contains 200ml of calcium and that is more than enough your body wants. You can use it on salat or some other vegan recipes that we are preparing for you.


Beans are the most known calcium ingredient out there. We all know that Beans are rich with calcium and protein and you can use them all the time is healthy and can satisfy your food needs.

Nuts and Seeds

We are consuming them daily in our life even if most nuts and seeds don’t satisfy our calcium needs still have an impact. The most amount of calcium has the almonds. Almonds are rich of calcium,averige if you eat 20 almonds you are eating 70ml of calcium, and that is enough for one day.

How do Vegans get enough protein in their diet?

Like calcium which is essential in the vegan’s diet. And gives our body the right vitamins and minerals to function the right way, the same goes for Protein
Protein is essential for our body to function the right way. The question is how to get protein if we are vegan, and were vegans getting enough protein for our body to work properly?

These are the questions that the majority of people are asking these days. Well, the same goes for Protein. They’re a lot of plants-base products that are satisfying our bodies with the right protein.

Protein for vegans

The most important thing to know is that you need to get the right protein for your body. Afcorse protein you can get from cow milk, yogurt, cheese, fish, eggs, and more. But the right protein is from oat milk, nuts, seeds, beans, rice, and lentils. These are the right ingredients that you can satisfy your protein needs on daily bases.

A study was made at the University of Harward on over 100.000 people. And those who were on a vegan diet and consume protein from plants. Those people were healthier than those who didn’t. Those who consume protein from animals product have more potential to get some diseases.

Keep your life on the right track and give some respect to mother nature. And be grateful to GOD for everything you have in your life. And everything will be great I can promise you that.

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