Why Veganism Is So Much Controversial ?

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Why Veganism Is So Much Controversial ? .Well, it will lock weirdly if it is not, right? Like most of the other controversial things these days, Veganism finds its place here among the controversial topics.

People often don’t know what is Veganisam or what it means. Many people in small areas and cities don’t even hear the word veganism or what it means. They often think that Veganism is some kind of cult and come here to destroy the world and people and take everything that belongs to them. I mean that is what it is, we can’t change people but we can show them the right way and present them with the other side of the story. Right?

Recently I read some comments like:

  • Veganism is destroying your body
  • Veganism has destroyed our family
  • Vegans are making people sick
  • Vegansiam makes your body weak
  • How do Vegans get their proteins if don’t consume meat
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And the comment pours like rain and doesn’t stop. And that I realize that people don’t know 1% of the meaning of being Vegan. They don’t know how beneficial is for you and for the environment of being a Vegan. At this point, I understood why is this a controversial topic. Because of the unknown word of Veganism.

Imagen like the deep blue ocean, we are not scared by the dark blue color and the massive view of the ocean. We are scared of what is in there and what is lurking.
We all know that only 5% of the world see and oceans are searched today, and what was found in that 5% is amazing. And can you imagen that we have 95% left to search, and what potential can we find? I mean what can I say more? It’s the same story whit Veganisam people don’t search enough to understand more about this. They make an image and they believe in that image and there is no more to talk about it.

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Why People Don’t Like Vegans?

Veganism is controversial to people because its defies: tradition, culture, ethics, and fitness codecs of living. It’s changed the whole perspective of living in today’s modern world.
People are used to were things from animal skins like purses, and shoes and they think that this makes them above normal people. Because of the price of that accessories, people forget that we all going to die one day and that is not important. Right?
Fitness instructors think that only in meat and milk we can find proteins to build our bodies. And for that they defy Veganism.

There are a ton of other things, topics, and questions about why Veganism is controversial to people and mostly unacceptable in today’s modern world. But this is why we are here for people to see the other side of the story.

Controversial Side Of Veganism

This controversial side of Veganism comes mostly out of the big companies that produce products from animals. Like: Milk, Meat, Shoes, Accessories, and 80% of today’s products come from animals, we all know that.

And that is why they make Veganism a controversial topic and do not want to be over the internet and people to hear more about this stuff. Because they are afraid that are going to lose big money for that. And they are right, today people are more and more aware of the benefits of Veganism, and big companies are losing big money for that. This is a war and they know that are losing. So they pour big money into commercials these days on TV to present their products and how good they are for us. And the Vegan side of the story, well you can’t find that anywhere. But the internet is a massive place and battlefield where we can all express ourselves and presents our stories.

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