Famous Hollywood Vegans actors?

famos vegan actors

Famous Hollywood vegan actors these days. We are all witnesses to how the world changes, day by day night by night it’s happening and we all see it. We all see how the percentage of the most dangerous diseases is rising. Year after year and we don’t bother at all about that.

The rising in that percentage is because of the life that we are living right now.The things that are destroying our bodies and our life, and of course the life of our families.


The best thing and the first that we need to do is realize that we need that change in our life. Something that it’s going to motivate and trigger that change to start to happen.
Everything else is only a discipline and a matter of time before we accept the new life we are going to live from now on.


1# Joaquin Phoenix

Maybe the famous one on our list is this Oscar-winning actor for the movie “Joker” in 2020. And his speech at that Oscar Winning Ceremony where he talks in front of millions of audiences. About the changes he makes in his life and what and how we destroying our planet with our actions. And talks about what is the true meaning of Veganizam.
From unknown sources, this Actor is vegan since the age of 6. When he and his cousin see how fish are killed in a wishes way.

2# Woody Harrelson

The next big actor on our list is Woody Harrelson, these Hollywood vegan actors is famous for a lot of movies like “Natural Born Killer” “By Larry Flynt”The “Hunger Games” Trilogy, and a lot more. Is vegan for more than 30 years. Is that something to talk about the dedication and the disciples that he have all these years?
He also has a personal chef that cares about what he eats and how he eats. I remember one interview that he has. And talked about how this is the best and biggest thing that he made in his life “becoming a vegan” and how it changed his life.

3# Alan cummings

We all know this amazing actor from movies like “Battle Of The Sexes” “James Bond”, “Any Day Now” and a lot more.
But we don’t know that this 51 old actor is a vegan for almost 15 years and he is very happy that he decided to turn his life to veganism. He felt so much better so much cleaner, and healthier than he was ever.
The decision that he made this choice is the healthier problems that he has had through the years. He was having some difficulties on set and in life and this was the turning point in his life to become vegan.

4# peter dinklage

This Golden Globe-winning actor and also Emmy Award and most of us know him as a big star of the “Game Of Thrones” series. Is a vegan since 2014 years. At first, he was a vegetarian for 15 years, and then he decide to turn to veganism. And since then he promote this movement and he is pretty successful in doing it.
He is very dedicated to promoting this way of life and the benefits that come with it. He is an ambassador of many non-profit organizations and many rights groups for animal protection.

5# russel brand

We all know this British comedian and his amazing and funny performances in movies. His acts and how he smiles at us when we have bad days.
At age of 14, he decides to start changes in his life the first step that he made was to stop eating meat. And at the beginning, he questioned whether this was the right thing to do. But as times go by he was filling much more confident and started to exclude more and more staff from his menu like eggs, milk almost everything that came out from animals.
Now he is a promoter of this way of life for many years. And we can see in many conferences that he has, he tries to tell to people how good is this way of living and its benefits.

#6 Mayiam Bialik

If you are a fan of “The Big Bang Theory” series, of course you know this actress. She is one of the most famous Hollywood vegan actors and big celebrities and one of the main characters of the series.
Mayim Bialik is also a vegan. From age of 19, she decides to make a change in her life. In the beginning, she exclude meat from her menu and then all the products that came from animals. The thing that was the turning point in making that choice is a book called “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran.
After that book, she made a drastic change in her life. Now she is a big promoter of this way of life and also has a recipe book of more than 1000+ vegan recipes.

7# Tobey maguire

We all know this actor from the “Spiderman” franchise and many other movie projects.
But do we know that he is a vegan for many years now? This famous Marvel character is one of the famous Hollywood vegan actors now.
His first step in this way of life was in 1992 when he decided to become a vegetarian and then in 2009. He decides to make more changes and become a full Vegan.
In one interview I remember that he said that he never had the desire to eat meat at all in his life. But the occasion was that at that time and he need to eat that. But now he is fully Vegan and more and more people around him turning to that path in life.

8# Natalie portman

Natalie Portman Hollywood vegan actor

This famous Hollywood vegan actors has become vegan thanks to Tobey Maguire. She “blames” him for this. She was filming a movie with Tobey. And through a conversation with him about how he is living his life and how Veganizam affects his life. She decided to try it because she was a big fan of energy drinks. And throughout the set and filming she was using them a lot, that was the first thing that she excludes from the menu.
That was the turning point in her life, and now she is a big promoter of this way of life. But we need to mention that she also has a YouTube channel about this. And she writes a book with vegan recipes.

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