How To Eat Vegan For Beginners?

To start this journey or I would say to start changing your life, is not an easy task to do. Probably the hardest thing to do is How To Eat Vegan? To start changing your life you need some kind of lighting, to open your eyes for changes and new beginnings in your life.

How to eat vegan?

If you decide to become a vegan you need to understand the right meaning of that word. It’s not everything about the food you are eating it’s more about the respect you need to have for the world in general.

To be clear changing your lifestyle is not an easy step you are taking in your life. Imagine excluding everything from your food menu overnight. yesterday you were eating meat and sandwiches, drinking milk and beer with your friends, and from today you decide to start with plant – base diet. It’s not possible.

You need to take step by step in this type of change because it affects mostly on your body. After all, your body needs time to adjust to these changes. If you are asking yourself how to eat vegan?

Start your day with Vegan Breakfast you can do that. Make some Vegan oats or Baking oats with Almond Milk you can try that, or you can make some shakes with banana and some other fruit, and that can be your breakfast. It’s important to start slowly with this kind of change, and the rest after that is only a discipline you are going to have.

Everybody can make some breakfast, dinner, or lunch, you only need the desire to learn, that’s all it takes.
That is way I made this site to learn some recipes that are easy to make and everybody can do it.

Veganism is here since 1944, but still, to this day we are learning new stuff every day. Keep learning, don’t give up try new stuff in your life, and stay disciplined on this path.

vegan fruits

What is the most popular vegan foods?

What is a very important thing that you need to pay attention to when you buy products? You need to be very careful when you buy your groceries in the store. Always read the back side of the products you buy, that is the most important thing to do. Maybe the product contains milk or some other things from animals, that in the long term can make your stomach hurt.

These are some of the meals that I am preparing for myself.

1.Vegetabel fruit salat

2. Oatmeals with Almond milk

3. Nuts and Seeds

4. Lentil Stew

5. Baking Oats

6. Granola

7. Rice and Sesame Parsnips

Vegan breakfast
How to Eat Vegan

Is It Healthier To Be Vegan?

Well, this question is always asked in the non-vegan community.
YES definitely YES. Katharina Wirnitzer scientist from the institute in Innsbruck decided to make some research on this topic. She starts from the time of the Roman Empire where some Roman scripts indicate that gladiators at that time were on a similar type of diet. They were eating a lot of fruits and grains and they were very healthy.

Now after decades we finally can tell that YES this type of diet can be very healthy for our bodies.
First by excluding meat from our meal plan, reduce the cholesterol in our body, and by that, it reduces the cardiovascular diseases that are higher and higher every year.

Vegan products for your meal.


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