Plant-Based Option In Japan

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Japan Decided To Attract More Tourists With Increasing More Plant-Base Food Options. Is Japan Plant base Option the thing that is missing in this puzzle, well time will tell. We all know that Japan is number one in the world by economic and technological production. How advanced they are in every field, except one. And that is the food and what they eat.

We know that if you go to Japan and don’t taste Soushi is like you have never even been to Japan at all. Soushi is a traditional meal in Japan, it is made with Rice and fish, and vegetables. On first look you are going to say, that they are not so far from Plant- Base Diet. But you need to know that in every meal they have, they are using fish or some other seafood. And in our world that is not allowed, Right?

The main problem is if you go and visit Japan and maybe if you are a Vegan. You are going to be difficult to find a place to eat where are serving vegan meals.

And this is maybe the main reason why Tourists are avoiding visiting Japan and their culture. Every year the percentage of tourists visiting Japan is smaller and smaller. And according to Japans government, the lack of Food Options is the main problem.
And of course, they are fixing that by opening more and more Plant-Base Food restaurants in every part of the country. How amazing is that, right? Japan Plant Base Option are increasing every year.

In 2019 the Japanese government start to promote this new Plan-Base Food Options. And everybody was ready for the results after the Olympic Games in 2020. But because of the lockdown for COVID-19, and the lack of visitors these new measurements were not possible.
But this was not a problem, Japan continue to develop in this feal, and after 2020 the number of Vegan Restaurants increased by more than 1000, and don’t forget that before 2019 it was only 200.

japan and plant base option

Is Japan A Vegan-Friendly country?

Well, many years ago this was not even a question to talk about. Japan is a country with an amazing tradition. And people in Japan are very strict with their traditions and don’t accept changes very well. But that was years ago, today times are different and they are accepting that they need to accept others and different cultures and ways of living.

Japan’s cousin is very different from other cousins in the world, and for that is so unique and special.
The thing that makes this cousin unique is that they use a lot of meat and fish and mix it with vegetables and use a variety of souses that makes the meal so special.

But if you are a Vegan and want to visit Japan and its culture. And you are afraid that you are going to starve here. Well you do not need to be afraid of that. There are a lot of Vegan restaurants and you can find them through the apps.

plant base option in japan

Statistic Of How Many Vegans Are In Japan

Well, this statistic in Japan is not very accurate. Because of the small villages that are placed in some areas in this country, and is difficult to know what is their meal plan.

But one study that was made in 2019, was it was showed that almost 2,5 % of the population in Japan decided to change their lifestyles and turn to Vegan Diet. And just to know how many is that that is 2,5 million people by the end of 2019. This number is amazing and we know what Japanese people are so traditional. Regard to their cuisine that includes a lot of meat.

Plant base option in Japan

Vegan Brands In Japan

Since The Expansion Of Veganism Over the years, and people around the world see the benefits of veganism. Japans mark their name on the map of Veganism. Today Japan has a lot of big corporations that produce a lot of vegan products and ship them around the world.

Earlier this year two big food companies 2 Foods and Kagome Co, joined themselves and make a big product. That was never even imagined that is possible to make this kind of thing. And that is a Vegan Egg, I mean even I don’t know what to say anymore. I was blown away when I heard that this was made. And I know that Eggs are very important in Japanese cuisine.

There are also a lot of Vegan Noodles companies that are produced only Vegan Noodles. And these products are very very in demand in Japan. They are easy to make, you can make them fast and don’t take too much time if you are in a hurry.

So to wrap up this article. If you are planning to visit this country. And hesitate because you are a Vegan and you are afraid that you are going to starve here. Don’t be Japan will welcome you with open arms . And give you the best of what this country can offer you. So Enjoy in Plant Base option in Japan.

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