10 Super Foods For Joints And Cartilage

foods for joints and cartilage

Foods For Joints And Cartilage. We all come to that point in our lives when we gonna feel the pressure of life. We all need to know that life is not easy and often needs sacrifice in order to stay on the right path. Changing things in your life often seems impossible, but with the right state of mind and the motivation you have, it’s so easy.
For me, the things that push me forward in this crazy world are:

  • Religion
  • Family
  • Plant Base Foods

Religion opens my eyes and mind to think outside of this crazy box called (WORLD). Makes me humble to GOD and everything that he creates, and brings me comfort and happiness in my soul and my heart.

Family makes me happy and brings joy to my heart and soul and reasons to live and fight.

Plant Base Foods make my body feel that happiness from the outside world.

We all need to work, we all need to finish our daily activities, and do you know how many times we need to band for something or lift something? Or maybe you run and exercise every day.
The most pressure when it comes to that carries our JOINTS and CARTILAGE. To do these activities we need to have strong JOINTS and CARTILAGES, but as time goes our Joints and Cartilages become more fragile and exhausted.

But we can fix this with some little changes.
Start with the food you eat, add more food that contains a high level of vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants in it. Use this kind of food every day and you will see the benefits that I am talking about. Let me show you what is the best food for your Joints and Cartilage.


foods for joints and cartilage

Tumeric is a common spice that we use in our recipes. But his major component is Curcumin, curcumin also gives Tumeric a dark yellow color that we all see. This is good for all parts of your body not only for our Joints and Cartilage. Because its anti-inflammatory properties reduce stress and pain in these areas of our bodies and give us flexibility and get rid of the pain. And this is one of the best foods for joints and cartilage.

Nuts And Seeds

foods for joints and cartilage

Nuts and seeds are good for everything and we often forgot to use them. They are rich with oxidants and omega-3 acids that give us what any other ingredients and vegetables can’t. Their nutrients circulate in our bodies and provide food for our joints and cartilage. And this is one of the best foods for Joints and Cartilage.


Leafy Greens

foods for joints and cartilage

Leafy Greens like spinach are also good for your joints and cartilage. They contain nutrients and vitamins live Vitamin C how supports the production of collagen in our body and heals our joints for further damage.If you having problems this is own of the best foods for Joints and Cartilage.

Green Tea

Green Tea is one of the healthiest tea in the world. This tea is good for everything but we often forgot about it. It contains nutrients and vitamins that we can’t find in any other place.
Green Tea is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants and epigallocatechin gallate. These components together can heal your cartilage in a few days and can prevent further damage.


foods for joints and cartilage

Berries like strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries, are rich in antioxidants and because we can’t find them on the market all year, is better to eat whlie we can. They can heal our joints with their antioxidants and nutrients.

Citrus Fruits

super foods for joints and cartilage

Fruits like grapefruits, lemons, and oranges have a lot of Vitamin C in their components and that is essential for collagen synthesis, and that is crucial for our Joints to work properly.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It’s best for our Joints if we use this Oil on a daily bases. Contains a lot of anti-inflammatory properties that are good not only for our Joints but for the whole body. His monosaturated fats and polyphenols are crucial for us to have healthy joints and cartilage.

Whole Grains

We all know that Whole Grains is essential if we want to have a healthy body. Whole Grains like Whole Wheat, Brow Rice, and Quinoa contains a lot of fiber and nutrients in their components and they are not good only for our Joint but for the whole body system.

Boiled Potatoes

Boiled Potatoes are maybe the best if you have a problem with your joints and cartilage. They are rich in Magnesium and Calcium and they are a good source of fiber that is necessary for our Joints and Cartilage.

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