Best Vegan-Friendly Destination You Must Visit.

These are The best vegan-friendly destination you must visit. If You are Vegan then it also means that you want to travel asvel, these two things always go together. But it also means that you are always going to have a few problems along the way. Like finding restaurants to eat for example, or maybe you won’t be accepted as a vegan person and you are going to be judged for that. The are so many reasons that maybe your trip will not go the way you imagen.

But the world is constantly changing and people are more and more aware of the benefits that Veganism is giving to our bodies and our lives and the way we see the world.
So today I am going to show you the best and most friendly vegan destination you need to visit at least once in your life.

Vegan-friendly destinations

New York (USA)

New York Friendly Vegan destintion

So for our first Vegan-Friendly Destination, we have New York. You all know that New York is always a step ahead of other sites. And for that, everyone wants to visit at least once in their life and see the magic that this city has.

If you are a Vegan and visit New York, is not going to be difficult for you to find places to eat or places to visit. There is a lot of Vegan restaurants that are amazing with great food menu, especially for you. Or if you are in a hurry, maybe you can run into those Vegans Vans that serve Vegan specialties and will blow your mind with how amazing they are.
Or maybe if you visit at the same time of the year as the VeganDale Festival then you can enjoy the great bands that perform and the amazing food that is served.

Melbourne (AUSTRALIA)

Melbourne Australia friendly vegan destination

Melbourne is a place to visit if you are a vegan, and looking for a Vegan-Friendly Destination, what this city offers for Vegans, there is no other city that can offer that. So many festivals and so much respect for nature, that is something to talk about. If you are visiting Melbourne for the first time, you don’t need to be afraid that you are going to starve because you are a vegan.

There are so many vegan restaurants that are going to blow your mind with their amazing Vegans specialties and the variety of foods they are offering. When you step into Australia emidiatly you can feel the respect that these people have for nature. You will see all this amazing Greenland and forests like in the movies. And see how these people enjoy what they have, and see the smile on their it is amazing.

Edinburgh (SCOTLAND)

Edinburgh Scotland Vegan friendly destination

Maybe this was not expected to see on our list. But let me tell you something, Edinburgh is one of the most visited cities by vegans. There is so much to see when you step into this city. Emidiatly you will feel the peace that you are looking for and rest from this world. Your eyes will relax from the beauty of the green pasture that this country offers, and you will know that this is the right place for you.

If you are visiting this city, it needs to be at the time of the annual Vegan festival that this town has. Edinburgh Vegan Festival is the most visited festival of the year, toused of people are visiting this festival every year and enjoying what the festival offers.


Bali Indonesia Friendly Vegan Destination

When we mention Bali, the first thing that is coming to our mind is paradise, amazing beaches, amazing cocktails great bodies. But did you know that this is the most vegan place in the world?

Millions are visiting Bali every year, and the town never sleeps people enjoy every day what God gives them, which is truly amazing. When you come to Bali you don’t need to be afraid that you are going to be hungry if you are a vegan.

Almost 80% of the restaurants in Bali are vegans and serve vegan meals, so don’t need to worry about that. You can taste amazing recipes made with Vegan products that you can’t find in any other place in the world. And that is why this place is so special. So this place needs to be on your checklist, you must visit this place if you are a vegan.

Chaing Mai (THAILAND)

Chaing Mai in Thailand is our next stop if you are a vegan and you are looking for Vegan Places to visit.
It is amazing how many people are visiting Chaing Mai every year. And the thing that drove so many people is the cuisine that this land has.

Almost every meal that is served in the restaurants is Vegan special. So for that, if in case you are a meat lover then you are going to be hungry and disappointed. And also nervous. The amazing thing about this city and how it looks on Veganism is on a different level, from the other cities.

From small steps, young kids are learning the way how veganism affects one person’s life. The benefits of healthy meals and a love for nature are things that are learned in schools. So if you want to visit a vegan place then you need to visit Chaing Mai

enjoy !!!

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